Our Cuisine

Our Cuisine

For dinner to be proud of, you can enjoy delicious cuisine made with live kitchen together with a sitting course that makes use of seasonal ingredients. In the live kitchen located in the center of the dining lounge, the chef prepares cooking in front of the customer, and guests are invited to enjoy dinner through the senses.
In addition, the creative Japanese food provided at the same time sticks to the material, delicately expresses the unique seasons of Japan, and directs the dish with the beauty of the chef's attention. Please enjoy something refined dish that stuck to containers and serving in a stylish space, important one and elegant flow gastronomic time.
Because of the lovely smile of the one who is important ... This kitchen Fuga will produce a special night.


Fuga Flow Summer Japanese Western Style

- First Bite -
Tattoos of the first starch with jelly of orange vinegar
Black pepper and garlic flavor Red cray radish lime

- Appetizer -
La France 's compport cocktail
Crisp smoked scallops coolly with berries and tonics
Summer-style condiments and pooled soy sauce espuzza
Roast beef wine sauce island cherry blossom sky roasted miso paste
Cheese's liquor burglar broiled ogre

- Soup -
Masquerade tailoring
Hot water draw with egg tofu and a bud

- Build Up -
Suruga · Sagami Bay fresh fish
Wife objects Sai Sashimi Soy Sauce

- Strong Washer -
Adorable beef sirloin steak
Seasonal vegetable grilled, Hakao Salt Tamari Soy Sauce Mountain Ore's Champagne Pin Sauce

- Ringing -
Broiled sweet potato with sweetfish
Odawara specialties red tattoos pickled in summer scented handfully sushi Tomato bean flowers

- Superb Item -
Steamed abalone white wine
How much Miwa leaves with a scent of sea urchin and laver eggplant

- Meal -
Cold sour sauce, squid noodles
Small spa eggs and spicy salty sweet potato sweet potato tomato

- Sweets -
Iarshkeke · Caramelise
Mix berry sauce and seasonal fruits


For breakfast, we offer half customization, where you choose your staple food or egg dish.
Please choose Japanese style or Western style.
We hope you will be able to enjoy the time.