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Hakone Gora Park

It is Japan's first French style garden that was opened in Gora in the Taisho 3rd year (1914) at Hakone Tozan Railway's terminal station. The French style garden is characterized by a geometrically arranged pond and the like symmetrically on a flat and large site, but Gora Park is made on the inclined face. In the open garden surrounded by wide sky and mountains, various flowers are planted and it is also a flower attraction.

Lake Ashi

The view of the vast lake and Mt. Fuji, pleasure boat and ropeway, inns and hotels surrounded by nature produce the best holiday, Lake Ashi is such a resort area. Please enjoy the Lake Ashi area where you will want to spend your holiday any number of times, once in a place, in the area popular as historical exploration and the most powerful spot in Kanto such as Hakone Sekko ruins, Hakone shrine and old road.

Hakone Shrine

One shrine in Kanto, one of the most famous shrines in Kanto. It is also famous as a powerful power spot that brings the power to steadily advance business and things at steady power point in the Kanto region, which brings the power to steadily advance business and things. If you worship together the Kamikyu dragon shrine main shrine and the Okumiya / Hakone Motomiya at the summit of Komagatake, you can upgrade the overall luck in a well-balanced manner, such as birth, money, desire realization, marriage, love luck, health luck. It is a shrine where power is a powerful goal, so please pray for the opening of a "big framework" that surrounds us, such as social and regional contributions.

Hakone Open-Air Museum

The sculpture forest art museum as an outdoor art museum that provides opportunities for people to engage in sculpture in nature, with the aim of measuring promotion of sculpture art as an environmental art, and injecting new vitality into the artistic culture of our country , Opened in 1969 (Showa 44). In addition to implementing various programs for children who will be responsible for the arts, we also strive to introduce contemporary art.

Museum of The Little Prince in Hakone

As part of the worldwide commemoration project celebrating the 100th anniversary of Saint - Exupéry, the world 's first Little Prince Museum opened on June 29, 1999. For the creation of a space where you can spend a pleasant time, the land of Hakone, which has a privileged natural environment and is worldwide known as one of the leading tourist destinations in Japan, was chosen. In addition, various potted plants are put in various places in the garden. In the privileged natural environment, please enjoy while feeling the change of the season.

Pola Museum of Art

The concept is "Symbiosis of nature and art of Hakone". It harmonizes with the surrounding environment, places most of the building underground, and is shaped to blend into the forest landscape. Also, the exhibition room lighting employs the latest optical fiber lighting so that art works can be appreciated as beautifully as possible. Please enjoy the beautiful world that excellent work, beautiful green nature, architectural space full of light fills up.

Lalique Museum Hakone

Works of French decorative art craftsman René Lalique are on exhibition. You can appreciate about 230 points or more at all times with works created with advanced technology such as jewelry, glass works, architectural decoration and unique ideas. Among them, the Orient Express which made glass panel decorations is a must-see!

Hakone Venetian Glass Museum

Hakone Glass Mori Art Museum is the first Japanese art museum specializing in Venetian glasses in green lush Hakone Sengokuhara.
A beautiful museum where glass outdoor works sparkle in the garden reminiscent of Venice, you can enjoy the delicate shine of Venetian glasses that made Europe's nobility hidden in the 15th - 18th centuries.

Hakone Art Museum

"Hakone Art Museum" is the most historical museum in Hakone.
In the premises there are about 130 kinds of moss and 200 Momiji's "Mossy Garden", "Hagi no Michi", "Bamboo Garden", etc. You can enjoy the scenery every season. Especially in November, Momige in the garden color all at once, it is also famous as a landscape for autumn leaves. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and November, we will also make a special public presentation of the garden "Stone Paradise" centered on the rock formations of the big rocks, in addition to the normally open gardens. In the tea room "Masayatei" facing the mossyard, you can taste green tea cultivated with pesticide and Japanese sweets that change every season.


A highland of 650 m high, surrounded by Hakone outer rim, Sengokuhara area. Valuable plants bloom in the only wetlands in Kanagawa Prefecture, and the grassland spreading over the Mountain of Mountainous Mountains is known as the site of Suzuki. When late September to late October the golden shiny Suzuki 's ears grew all over the surface, making it a fantastic scenery like a golden carpet. In addition, it is an area where various museums are scattered and you can enjoy the charm of art.