Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Please slowly enjoy the relaxing hot water and opening feeling of Gora Hot Spring which is counted as one of Hakone-no-yu. Spring quality is a sodium - chloride spring, especially a hot spring which is said to be good for skin wounds and cold.
Salinity adheres to the surface of the skin to form a membrane, it prevents evaporation of moisture in the skin and prevents drying of the skin, it is said to have a moisturizing effect.
It is also high in heat retention, and it is also hard to cool down. Therefore, it is a recommended hot spring especially for people with dry skin and cold.
Also weakly alkaline hot water with a ph value of 8.6 will clean dirt  and old karatin of your skin. You can feel your skin moist and smooth after bathig.

Large Public Bath


We prepared a large bath featuring large windows for both men and women.


Please relax your legs and take a bath.

Outdoor Bath

Surrounded by nature
In an open outdoor bath,
Please enjoy the nature of Sengokuhara.